The Southside Story
Southside Dispatch

The Original
Gin Cocktail

with a Hint of lemon and mint

Once a prohibition-era bathtub gin concoction, Southside's is a crisp take on an old classic.
With a delightful 10% ABV, The Original Southside lives on in the hearts (and mouths) of those with refined taste and a little attitude - no speakeasies or shady gangsters required.

The only time
a lemon gives
you life.

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No Artificial Colors or Sweeteners

Not just fresh.
Fresh as f*ck.

Made with all-natural, high quality ingredients, The Original Southside is a lightly sparkling gin cocktail with a twist of lemon and hint of mint. Don't just take our word for it, try one (or 4) of them for yourself.

No artificial colors or sweeteners
10% ABV
Real Cane Sugar
No Artificial Colors or Sweeteners

We think Southsides are the sh*t. But you don't have to take our word for it. See what everyone else is saying:

Note: we cannot guarantee the sobriety of reviews.

"This is my new favorite drink! It was tart, light, and so easy to drink. I love the blend of lemon and mint too - super refreshing."


"SO REFRESHING. I have always loved Southside cocktails and it's so exciting to see them in a ready-to-drink can. I will be bringing these to every party from now on."


"Love the fact that it's made with organic ingredients. So light and refreshing!"


"Insanely delicious for being 10% ABV."


A little light drinking for your reading pleasure. Actually, let's try that again. Check out The Southside Dispatch for some light reading while you sip your drink.
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