Art For All

Our gallery is thoughtfully curated to inspire and be enjoyed by all. Stop by and say hello, and get inspired.

For those looking to make an investment, we have you covered too!

Be Inspired

Before investing in a piece, you must first be inspired. Come view our collection, discover an artist you relate with, or a technique you admire. Our experienced advisors will help you find out what makes you love one piece, but not another, and guide you in making a final decision. Who knows? You might be surprised where a little inspiration can lead you.

Get Invested

Once you decide on a piece, our seasoned team will guide you through the process of investing, making the transition from our gallery to your home as seamless as possible. Then, sit back and admire your unique investment for as long as you like.

Enjoy Results

When you choose to update your collection, or decide it’s time to part ways with your piece, our advisors will help you find a new home for it, and will assist with the sale, so you can enjoy the return.

Our Team of Experts

Ralph Burnet

Jennifer Phelps

Alex Blaisdell