Alexandra Arango

Alexandra Arango graduated with a degree in architecture from UPB Medellín and EN—SAPB in Paris. She then studied at California College of the Arts in San Francisco. Her works in the public space resulted from collaborations with various contemporary art centers and public institutions such as La Terrasse Espace d’Art in Nanterre, The French Institute, The Venice Biennale of Architecture, and the Banque de France.

Alexandra Arango’s universe is comprised of memories, sentiments, and intimate emotions. Her birthplace, Colombia, is a significant source of inspiration for her creative energy. In each of her works, Arango invites us to look beyond the simplicity of appearance and delve more deeply into the story being told: an apparently phantasmagoric universe of extravagant flora and fauna. What seems to be a call to reverie conceals a different reality: the ambiguity of beings, their “animality,” and the sometimes-tragic interplay between nature and those who inhabit it.

Arango’s work addresses her past sentiments, linked to the conflicts that ravaged her homeland, and her existential concerns. Her wounds give life to a world marked by a constant tension between the sublime and the grotesque, nature and danger, beauty and death, noise and solitude. Yet, there is also much optimism in her work. Her pencils, brushes, and colors are her lifelines to a world of dreams where she—as well as the viewer—can find solace.