Clara Ramirez-Katz

Clara Ramirez-Katz was born in Medellín, Colombia. She has lived and worked in her home studio in Paris since 1979.

She studied textile design at the École Supérieure des Arts Appliqués et Métiers de l'Art (ENSAAMA) in 1983. subsequently She obtained her undergraduate degree in fashion design at the École supérieure des arts et techniques de la mode (ESMOD), Paris in 1985. Thereafter, Ramirez-Katz joined two painting academies:the Pont Royal school (1989-90) and the Saint Roch Academy (1991-96), the latter of which was founded and directed by painter and engraver Jean Bertholle. His work and mentorship significantly impacted the path Ramirez- Katz would take in her artistic exploration.

Ramirez-Katz mixes different media and techniques and finds her inspiration in global landscapes, such as China's "celestial mountains," the minerality of Mediterranean topography, and the vitality of the Andes. To add depth and texture to her pieces, Ramirez-Katz uses a mixture of casein—a milk protein—with solid oil.

After exhibiting her work on the walls of the headquarters of a local magazine, L'Evénement du Jeudi, she attracted the interest of Le Breton gallery in Paris. It was there that she had her first exhibition in 1995. Le Breton gallery represented Ramirez-Katz for seven years and showed her work on several occasions. Ramírez-Katz’s subsequent time with the Lavignes Bastille Gallery (2005 and 2009) resulted in selection by the prestigious Salon de Montrouge of her work Montaña 1, in which the artist explores her memories of the immense mountains of her native Medellín.

Since 2009, the Couteron Gallery, in Paris, has supported Ramirez-Katz’s artistic work, with seven solo shows and group exhibitions. The most recent show, Monde/Miroir (World/Mirror), took place in 2020 and offered a representative overview of several recent series of works, resulting in a panorama of the artist's career.