Iris Scott

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"My name is Iris Scott, and I am here to revolutionize the art world with the tips of my fingers. I am going to continue painting for the next 60-70 years of my life until I am completely blind or unable to move my hand across a canvas. I am interested in two things: 1) getting my paintings into museums so that little girls can see women artists celebrated as much as their male peers, and 2) Helping humanity think of animals as equals: like us, they are divine beings—let’s paint animals, not eat them."

“Iris Scott makes ‘finger paintings’ portraying tigers in the night, bowerbirds, South Asian drag queens, and herself as a towering belle of some fantasy ball. So much sincerity and obsessiveness come through here that you lower your skepticism and revel in the lushness and love.”

— Jerry Saltz, Art Critic for New York Magazine

Selected Exhibitions


Filo Sofi Arts, New York, NY


Filo Sofi Arts, New York, NY


Adelman Fine Art Gallery, San Diego, CA


Adelman Fine Art Gallery, San Diego, CA

Elements5280 Gallery, Denver, CO


Cole Gallery, Edmonds, WA

ArtSD, San Diego, CA


Horizons Fine Art Gallery, Jackson, WY


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Coca Cola, Madrid

Microsoft Home of the Future, Redmond

Swedish Medical Hospital, Seattle

Band-Aid, New York

Children's Hospital, Wyoming

Children's Hospital, Virginia