Luisa Fda. Garcia-Gomez

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Luisa Fda. Garcia-Gomez (b. 1980) is a multidisciplinary artist currently working in the United States. Her artistic work is a cathartic manifestation of the violence she experienced as a child and adolescent in Medellín, Colombia during the era of the “narcotraffic war.”

During 1980-2000s my country was immersed in a time of violence where random explosions were part of daily life. These explosions were always close to me but (I was) never too close to be harmed by them.”

“Since then, I have developed a fascination with how a person feels during that specific moment (explosion) and how the shapes and pieces are perceived ‘floating around the body.’” This fascination is translated through drawings and installations. “Through the “Explosion*s” series I would like to submerge the viewer in the midst of the negative and positive spaces created by the explosions within each composition.”

Fleeing the violence of her youth, Garcia-Gomez emigrated to France. There, she worked for ELLE magazine, and in 2010 she completed an MFA at the University of Paris 8 in Saint-Denis, France. In 2018, Garcia-Gomez completed her second master's degree in arts at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Her work has been exhibited in both France and the United States.

Publications include Siempre Mujer in New York, Minnesota Monthly, American Craft Council Magazine, Air France Magazine, and Vita.MN.