Pamela Carberry

“My prints explore the relationship of color on color and the shifting horizons as I move about in the natural environment. By contrasting static elements with fluid marks and defining the very basic division of space on the page, the world is portrayed in severely simplified images without many details yet informative. My work addresses landscape as the art of selection and balance and explores how representation can wander towards abstraction. The subject matter ultimately evolves to become my sense of the water, the air, the stillness, and the moment spent in these found places.”

Selected Exhibitions


Flow Art Gallery, St Paul, MN


Flow Art Gallery, St Paul, MN

Highpoint Center for Printmaking,“Stand Out Prints”, Minneapolis, MN


Threshold Gallery, Minneapolis, MN

Highpoint Center for Printmaking,“Stand Out Prints”, Minneapolis, MN


Zygote Gallery, Cleveland, OH


Threshold Gallery, Minneapolis, MN


Tecamechaloco Gallery, Mexico City, Mexico


Alberto Misrachi Gallery, Mexico City, Mexico


Galeria La Joya, Mexico City, Mexico

Zygote Gallery, Cleveland, OH