Response: New Works by Anne Labovitz

Nov 5, 2020

Response is on view in the gallery October 24 through November 28, 2020

“Response investigates the intimacy of color and space. For me, color is a personal reflection, a language that crosses boundaries and can connect us. I believe color is a life force. These works are about hope for the future; for a connection between people as we struggle through current complexities.

In March 2020 I had COVID-19 and was secluded in my bedroom. Immediately following, I felt the pressing need to create and respond. My response comes from my intense solitude. I was considering what was happening in the world and my role in it. Urgency can be seen in the fierceness of color and the feeling of my mark making. Each work I created was titled the day it was completed, marking my time alone. Concurrently I was working on a commission about travel, isolation, solitude, and longing. Some works have graffiti-like marks with words like Bon Voyage and Safe Travels. These concepts have become even more intense during the period of the pandemic.” – Anne Labovitz, 2020

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