Austin Nash - Variable Edition

Apr 9, 2022 - May 14, 2022

Opening Day - Saturday, April 9th - 11am-5pm

Artist Present 4-7pm

On view through May 14

Free and open to the public

Austin Nash – Variable Edition features a selection of unique screen prints by Austin Nash created in 2022.

“Variable Edition explores the potential for screen print as a variable matrix. In this series of mono prints, I work through color and gesture to remake the image with every pull. The work considers this remaking and ultimately asks how can I move color through space. This questioning led me towards gradients of color which in turn guided the work. What are the material properties of the ink and silk screen? What is the space between two colors? How do they interact? Could the blend be smooth or sharp? Can I maintain the image? Can I curve the pull? How else can I move color? All of these explorations became variables to consider, change, and in turn used to construct the image.” – Austin Nash

Austin Nash is a Minneapolis based designer and printmaker. His work considers the potential for printmaking and has been exhibited at High Point Center for Printmaking, Minnesota Center for Book Arts, and the International Print Center of New York. Austin’s work is also included in collections at MCBA and the Hamilton Wood Type Museum. He has received a Jerome Fellowship, MRAC grant, and will be participating in a residency at the Kala Art Institute in 2023.