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In The Gallery

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The Sky and the Earth:

Drawings and Paintings by Bly Pope and Rowan Pope

Exhibition on view December 6th, 2019 through January 18th, 2020

Public welcome!

Bly and Rowan Pope's photorealistic pencil drawings and oil paintings of landscapes, faces, flowers, and natural phenomena are meant to facilitate the viewer’s close inspection through their abundance of discrete fragments of information and their insistence that even the ordinary is worthy of extreme scrutiny. These works embody their belief that the mundane is miraculous, the commonplace is extraordinary, and every diminutive, “miss able” object is alive, singular, and sublime, and must be appreciated with care, reverence, and gratitude. The landscapes in this exhibition are often empty of human presence and celebrate the majesty, enormity, and grandeur of nature, and our humble place within it.

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