Circling (2)

Isa Gagarin


12 x 18 inches unframed (diptych- each sheet 12 x 9 inches)

Graphite, charcoal, water soluble crayon on paper

"Prompted by a friend who works in choreography and performance, I have recently been developing a movement-based work in which a hand dances in relationship to a circle. Circling, my recent series of mixed-media works on paper, brings together three forms: shadows, circles and hands. Each drawing begins with a kneaded eraser to draw reductively into a charcoal ground surface. drawing from direct observation of plant shadows. After the initial stage of drawing, I introduce circular shapes and tracings of my hands throughout the compositions.

Circles are a recurring motif throughout my work, a shape that connects to my interest in oceanic tides and orbiting movement of the moon and stars. The hands, lifting and catching and touching circles, reflect my interest in haptic experiences of color and light. In the current context of sheltering in place, these tracing of my hands also convey my current longing for touch and social contact." (Isa Gagarin)