Mr. Hofsós, Skagafjardarsysla, Iceland, from the series Divine Animals: The Bovidae

R. J. Kern


archival pigment print

From the series Divine Animals: The Bovidae

This is part of a limited edition set.

39 x 52 inches - Edition of 3 + 1AP 24.5 x 32 inches - Edition of 7 + 1AP 20 x 24 inches - Edition of 10 + 2AP

Divine Animals: The Bovidae Since 2012, Kern has traveled to Ireland, Germany, Norway, and Iceland to investigate his pastoral roots. When he arrived, he discovered that throughout history, his people and their land have been supported by Bovidae–specifically goat, sheep, and ram. These animals drove the economy for generations and were sources of income and sustenance. The hoofed animals are both banal and mythical. His attraction to these animals springs from an affinity for their calm presences and their innate functional beauty. They have been shaped by the landscapes they inhabit and the lives they lead, exploring across cultural boundaries and geographic lines. “While I have spent most of my life on the move, much like these animals, they taught me that roaming can sustain and anchor.”